• Government of Telangana
    Social Welfare Residential Educational Institutions Society
    ( TSWREIS )

With a noble objective of providing free quality coaching to the students of under privileged sections to climb the ladder of pursuing higher education in top-level national institutions, TSWREIS established 34 Centre of Excellence, with best teaching faculty, infrastructural facilities like laboratories, computer labs with Toppr online facility and libraries with umpteen reference books and study material. The academic activities are so well designed that the students are equipped with various skills like creative , critical thinking ,out of box thinking, collaborative learning, problem solving skills. The stress free environment imbibe the students the confidence to crack national level competitive exams successfully.

The students of COEs show exceptional performance in getting seats in Medical colleges, IITs, NITS, Delhi University, Azimpremji University and various central universities. The bright students are grabbing the opportunities of getting international scholarships under Community College Initiative Programme(CCIP) and Kennedy-Lugar Youth Student Exchange Programme and visited countries like USA, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Vietnam, Cambodia, Poland and Greece to broaden their horizons in a globalized world. The students who get into esteemed professional colleges/universities are given an incentive of Rs.50,000/- and a free laptop. The TSWREIS is a launch pad from where the from humble family backgrounds soar very high in pursuit of their cherished dreams.