• Government of Telangana
    Social Welfare Residential Educational Institutions Society
    ( TSWREIS )

In yet another unique initiative, TSWREIS launched ‘Earth Schools’ to take teaching and learning beyond the confines of classrooms. The Earth Schools offer hands-on-experience to students on organic farming, production of organic manure, cultivation of crops, mixed farming, soil fertility, sustainable agricultural practices and harvesting, besides understanding and appreciating farmers’ invaluable contribution to India’s food security. One of the aims of the earth school is to teach students the hardships of farming and farmers. Exposure to farming makes the students sensitive to the suffering of farmers and farm labourers in our country. Fascinated by the very idea of having their own farm, the students have been enthusiastically pitching in with farming activities like planting seeds, watering plants, adding organic manure, harvesting, weeding, etc., with the help of their teachers.