• Government of Telangana
    Social Welfare Residential Educational Institutions Society
    ( TSWREIS )

The Government of Telangana has been a trailblazer in establishing the first Sainik School at Rukmapur in Karimnagar as a part of KG to PG program with an objective of preparing the students of underprivileged to the prospective officers in Indian Armed Forces. Admission into this school is in two levels, at 6th and intermediate First year. Bright and enthusiastic students are selected through an entrance test and a physical fitness test. The main focus is on moulding the overall personality of them with emphasis on extracurricular activities and prepare them for National Defence Academy exam besides regular academics.

The Sainik School is located in 26 acre land with a play ground enough for all the infrastructural facilities like running tracks, cross country tracks, parade grouping, boxing rings, firing ranges, canoeing clubs, trekking and hiking clubs and foot ball, hockey, cricket fields as well as volleyball and basket ball courts. The training includes physically and emotionally demanding activities which are exhausting, exciting and adventurous. They are also taught the etiquette, mannerisms which are required for the armed forces. The sainik school transforms the young rural boys into strong, confident boys who are capable of dealing the complexities of the conflict zones in which they have to operate in future.

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